Are you passionate about your pets in your home?

Do you want to do everything you can to ensure they stay healthy?

Are you frustrated with care of your animals longing for different results?

Do you see the needs of animals in shelters, rescues and just are not sure how you can help?

Are you looking for an income that rewards both animals and people that satisfies your love for helping animals in need?

These are the questions I faced for years in caring for my pets in my home. So what does an animal lover do? How can I help my babies? How can I help others that have a need?

Well, I went out on a quest to see what I can do to improve or answer some of those questions? I stumbled on doTERRA Essential oils and started using them for myself. In doing research I found that I could use them on my animals. GAME CHANGER. That fueled my passion to do more research leading me to an opportunity fulfilling that life long dream of being a Veterinarian or at least some role in supporting that industry.

Well here I am that dream has finally came true. I now am able to do what I do and love it. My heart is full and I wanted to invest in myself to do something that I truly believe God has told me to do!

You know when you feel worthy, doing something you love it just does not feel like work. I love being with animals, I love being with people that love animals and want to reach out to the world to satisfy the plethora of needs out there when it comes to animals.

My focus is on helping the "littles" and the "bigs" and my joy comes from seeing success in the solutions I provide to not only the animals but to the owners as well. Double WIN's!

Does this sound like you?

Are you searching for something that will bring you joy and passion?

Are you ready for a change?

Is it something you can get behind?

Can you get behind a revolution to change the way we care for our animals that really do depend solely on us? We control what they eat, how they act, the environment they are in and so much more.

Join me find a passion that you believe in with your love for animals, we can do this together.


"It is my passion and desire to empower you with the means and resources to be a healer in your home by using natural and safe solutions that benefit you, your family and your pets"

"I love how passionate Margie is about the products. She is determined to help others on their oil journey. I love how positive and encouraging Margie is. She has become a good friend to me through the oils" .

C. WHITE - cWc Creations

"Margie shared a sample of peppermint oil in class (just 1 drop). WOW I was amazed how it opened up my nasal passage and it also made me focus on learning in the class. I was really impressed with all of the benefits that little bottle of peppermint can do for you and I knew then I had to have these oils in my home for me and my family"

P. KNAPP - Customer