Picture of myself and Andrew AKA "THE ANDREWSTER"!

Do you love animals?

Welcome to my kennel, I am so excited for your visit. Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Margie Veselka founder of Letsdonatural and Petsdonatural. I have been a pet owner pretty much all of my life. I have mostly had dogs, however cats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits have been in my care as well. You know my pets have always been my family they truly are and I am constantly looking for better ways to care for them.

My journey has taken me through formal training, hands on vet experience with common health concerns and focus on learning about nutrition as well. I use natural solutions as much as possible and I want to teach you how I do that to reduce your vet costs and have a healthy happy pet!

Let's Get Started!

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Are they safe for even us?

You can use them for what?

Services included in my mission to promote healthy pets include

  • Providing education on how to use oils safely for health concerns
  • Teaching a variety of educational series focused on nutrition, behavior and health conditions
  • Empowering you with tools and resources for many common specific conditions
  • Consulting services personalized to support chronic and acute health issues for your animal

Are you overwhelmed with vet bills?

Are you looking for natural solutions that are safe and effective to care for you pet?

Are you struggling with what to do for your pets chronic condition?

Are you concerned about the harmful effects of medications?

Are you worried about nutrition?

Consulting Service Options!

Meet a few of my clients!

"Margie is my go-to resource for all things pets and natural resources. She has saved me on countless occasions from making mistakes and helping me to be more effective with the holistic options available. She loves animals more than anyone I know and you would be lucky to have her on your pet care team!"