Introducing the Slovensky Cuvac

"Majestic Beauty"

The Slovenský Čuvač is an impressive, large, white dog; round head; pendant ears; expressive, dark brown eyes; thick, double coat with a slight wave and a woolly undercoat; bred only in white; black pigmentation on the nose, lips, around eyes; a well plumed, long tail; average weight for males is around 80-100 pounds, females about 68-82 pounds; height is 23-28 inches to the withers; females tend to be smaller, lighter; life expectancy 11-13 years; quick, light-footed and powerful; smaller than a Great Pyrenees dog.

Moravian Mountain Kennel

Josephine, Texas

Margie Veselka - Owner and Breeder

President of Cuvac USA AKC Foundational Club

Amos Texas Moravian Mountain

Greta Jaroslov dvor

Andrew Texas Moravian Mountain

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Zippo Texas vom Boehmerwald

10/16/2011 - 04/11/2021

Zippo started it all for me with the love for the Slovensky Cuvac breed. I rehomed him and absolutely fell in love with him. He was always smiling and was truly majestic in every way.

There will never be another Zippo and he will forever be in my heart . I know he will be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge along with many others that I have loved and lost.

I miss you Zip my handsome boy!